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While I really love Eugene Cho’s blog about Pat Robertson’s thoughts on Haiti, I have a few remarks of my own to share.

“It never ceases to amaze that in times of amazing human suffering somebody says something that could be so utterly stupid, but it like clockwork happens with some regularity.” — Robert Gibbs

It is difficult for me to believe that Pat Robertson and I serve the same Jesus.  But, we do.  And ya know, I say stupid and insensitive things sometimes too.  In fact, the taste of foot still lingers in my mouth from my most recent ridiculousness.  However, the consequences of Mr. Robertson’s remarks are much greater than mine (hello James 3:1).

Those things which Robertson has rightly taught from the Bible have influenced people for good, and that should be acknowledged.  Yet, his comments about Haiti were both odd and insensitive and their influence far-reaching.  Not only are his faithful followers more apt to wrongly judge Haitians, he also added to the the resistance of many to Christianity.  Thankfully, some recognize that his words were not representative of our faith.  In Keith Olbermann’s response to Mr. Robinson he said, “It is laughable now to call him ‘Reverend.'”

There’s a part of me that feels badly for Robinson.  His ignorance is not entirely his fault and his intentions were likely good.  (No sarcasm intended.)  There’s also a part of me that wonders how much revenue he will generate from what I view as a thoughtless and even (subconsciously) bigoted rambling.  All press is good press, right?  I also wonder whether he still feels justified in what he said or if he recognizes his ill impact and holds any remorse for what he has done.  (His website, for the record, doesn’t exactly imply the latter but, rather, seems more to justify/defend.)

I feel like Olbermann shared my pity and frustration when he addressed Robertson and Limbaugh:
Mr. Robertson, Mr. Limbaugh: your lives are not worth those of the lowest, meanest, poorest of those victims still lying under that rubble in Haiti tonight.  You serve no good, you serve no god.  You inspire only stupidity and hatred.  And I would wish you to hell but knowing how empty your souls must be for you to be able to say such things in a time of such pain, I suspect the vacant, purposeless lives you both live now are hell enough already.
I don’t agree with what Olbermann said but I certainly share the emotions behind his words.

Yet, with all this mixed emotion, I can do one thing.  Pray.  (That, and forgive.  Okay, fine.)
Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ – to Mr. Robertson who, like me, sometimes unknowingly wreaks havoc with his words; to the beautiful people of Haiti who have suffered so much loss in the last five days that only Father God could truly understand; and to all those who have and continue to support and love Haiti – may they be successful in meeting their physical, emotional, and eternal needs.

Update: Here’s a statement from Dr. Myles Munroe, a Christian speaker and author in the Caribbean.


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