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On a recent snow day I sat in my favorite coffee shop grading an overwhelming stack of papers.  The lovely barista, a bit of an edge to her style, is probably about my age and apparently has recently become homeless.  She broke up with her boyfriend with whom she had previously lived.  I learned this while not-so-accidentally eavesdropping on a conversation she had with one of her customers.  (Whoops!)

After a while, another gentleman came in.  He must have been a regular, they seemed familiar.  As the man described to her a job he recently applied to he explained that the starting salary was mediocre at best but that the benefits may make up for the pay.  That’s when he said something that made me stop and think.  “I’m praying on that one,” he stated matter-of-factly, “I don’t pray so much but I have been lately.”

And isn’t that true of this economic crisis?  People are praying.  People who are not normally given to prayer are finding themselves crying out to a God who they may or may not believe will answer them but hoping that some way some how, he will do just that.

During small group discussion last night we unintentionally revolved a good deal of talk around the idea that it is in our brokenness that we find ourselves turning to God for our identity.  People whose identity is normally found in a job title are finding that without it they have little left of themselves.  And they’re praying.

So I’m praying too.  That the loving God, Jesus Christ, would reach out his loving arms and give an identity to these title-less souls.  That his unmerited favor and peace beyond understanding would guard and guide the hearts and minds of those who cry out, broken.  And that the rebound of this nation would be not only economic, but spiritual, bearing fruit that remains.



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